DevTon Winter Landscape

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Advanced Winter Landscape

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This Winter Landscape features an advanced landscape master material. The landscape is textured using a method of procedural alpha blending, and eliminates the need for painting. This method provides extreme customization allowing a unique look to your project based upon the alpha that you create.

We used layers for a randomized natural appearance. The Winter Landscape master material also features a automatic cliff generation system based on a slope function that includes alpha based blending specific to cliffs. This landscape material can be applied to any landscape.

All meshes have lightmaps, allowing them to be used in static lighting scenes. This scene also includes a particle system allowing for snow fall and a snow blowing effect. A blueprint and flipbook material have been used to include a simple low poly flying bird effect. Ambient background sounds and wind sounds have been included.


- Ambient Background Sound

- Wind Background Sound


- Birds - built using flipbook material

#Particle System:

- Snow Flake

- Snow Blow

#Included Type of Meshes:

- 1x Ice Plane

- 3x Ground Branches

- 10x Trees

- 3x Stumps

- 5x Rocks

- 10x Low Ground Foliage (grass, small bushes)

- 2x Big Bushes

- 1x Firewood

**If you have any issues, concerns or general questions please contact us via our official email of**

Technical Details

Props scaled to Epic Skeleton: No
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Collision: Yes - automatically generated (relevant objects have collision)
Vertex Count: 100 - 10000
LODs: 2
Number of Meshes: 36
Number of Materials: 8
Number of Instance Materials: 44
Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variations: Yes
Number of Textures: 74
Texture Resolution (complete list): 128x128 - 1; 256x256 - 3; 512x2048 - 3; 1024x1024 - 17; 1024x2048 - 2; 1024x4096 - 9; 2048x2048 - 28; - 4096x2048 - 4; 4096x4096 - 7
Documentation Included: No
Important/Additional Notes: No



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