Destructible Glass

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Destructible glass with 100 unique points of impact so when you shoot the glass, it fractures from where it is hit. Very efficient and perfect for VR.

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Drag and Drop Blueprint that will fracture from the location it is hit, creating a realistic glass fracturing effect
4 Blueprints included for Square and rectangular glass both thick and thin variations
12 glass materials included and are setup to be easily editable
Variables on the blueprint to control impulse strength and damage radius or specify if a projectile is the only object to initially break the glass

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 4
List of Features :
4 Blueprints containing square and rectangle glass both thick and thin
12 Glass Materials
Material Instances set up for easy adjustment and creation of materials
Blueprint Variables to control the Impulse strength and Damage radius
Engine Compatibility: 4.14, 4.15
Intended Platform: Windows, HTC Vive
Platforms Tested: Windows, HTC Vive
Documentation Included: Go to the forum thread for information on how to use the blueprints
If you have any Issues please check out the support thread:



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