Designer Side Tables Pack

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Set of 11 high-quality photorealistic side tables for you Archviz scenes. Desktop and VR friendly.

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This set contains 11 photo-realistic Mid Century & Modern Side Tables. Perfect for any ArchViz scene. Tested and built for Desktop VR. Based on real designer tables. These are low to medium poly models.

Cinematic video of the INCLUDED demonstration map:

Technical Details


  •  All meshes are based off of real designer tables, built using manufacturer specs
  •  All assets are VR friendly
  •  Seamless 4k textures built with Substance
  •  2 distinct interior design styles allow these tables to blend into your scene
  •  Easily change the materials of the meshes
  •  Detailed master material, commented

Props scaled to Epic skeleton: (Yes)

Texture Size (4096x4096):

Collision: (Yes, automatically generated)

Vertex Count:

SM_TulipSideTable 5,908

SM_EuroSideTable 3,079

SM_GlassStemSideTable 7,409

SM_FootedSiteTable 2,203

SM_MarbleToppedPedestal 4,972

SM_MartiniSideTable 3,925

SM_RoundTieredSideTable 16,584

SM_ThinMartiniSideTable 8,104

SM_SquaretierSAideTable 580

SM_TriLegGlassSideTable 10,139

SM_RectangleSImpleSideTable 651

LODs: 0

Number of Meshes: 23

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 38

Number of Textures: 86

Supported Development Platforms: (PC, VR)

Supported Target Build Platforms: (PC, VR)



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