Desert Temple Smashy Craft Series

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Modular level building kit for toon style desert and temple environments.

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This is a set of easy to use geometric toon-style desert level building blocks. They can be used to rapidly build fun scenarios. The blocks are real world scale and built to fit together perfectly on a 25x25 cm grid. Their solid, chunky build makes them easy to handle and you never need to worry about seams. The colors are also easily adjustable if you have image editing software such as Photoshop.

The set comes with an abundance of building blocks for building exterior as well as interior levels and is compatible with building blocks from other smashy craft series packs such as the Snake Temple.

Technical Details


The set contains over well over 300 objects for interior as well as exterior game environment creation. 

All objects are textured using one atlas with color gradients so creating new variants is easy and quick work.

For more detailed information about the models and animations please view these Skechfab previews:

  • 300+ level building blocks
  • Toon style visuals
  • Animated props

Props scaled to Epic skeleton: (No)

Texture Size (512x512: TEX_sand_3, TEX_sand_1, 1024x1024: TEX_sand_2, TEX_floor_1, TEX_desert_temple, TEX_desert_temple_reflection, 2048x2048: TEX_floor_2):

Collision: (Yes, custom)

Vertex Count: between 300-1000 on average

LODs: No

Number of Meshes: 398

Number of Materials and Material Instances:

Number of Textures: 7

Supported Development Platforms: (Windows PC, IOS Mac)

Supported Target Build Platforms: (Windows PC, IOS Mac)

Documentation: (none)

Important/Additional Notes: none



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