DC Mirrors and Frames

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A set of customizable decorations for a variety of game styles and architectural visualization. Photos, paintings, disco balls and more.

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Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNAG72uJ6n0

This decor set was built for a wide range of platforms and game types. There are more then 40 pieces with nearly unlimited customization options. The models are built to accept just about any kind of tiling materials or textures and the frames can be easily swapped out with whatever photos or paintings you'd like. All the frames can also be used as mirrors. 

The set includes:

- 4 Blueprints (3 mesh holders and one spinning object BP)

- 17 Wall Frames

- 4 Table or Desk Frames

- 4 Decorative Mirrored Columns

- 2 Disco Balls

- 10 Wall Mirrors

- 2 Floor Mirrors

- 4 Folding Mirror Pieces

- 1 Light Function for the Disco Balls

Technical Details

All models were built to fit the Unreal character with a consistent scale, though they can be enlarged or shrunk quite a bit without loss of quality. Their UV's are also built to a consistent texel density/scale. UV0 fits the same tiling textures size across all models and UV1 is for lightmap bakes and specific texture work.

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

LODs: Auto (if needed)

Number of Meshes: 44

Vertex Count: Simpler pieces average 200, most average 800 and the Disco Balls 11k-28k

Collision: Yes, simple boxes or spheres

Number of Master Materials: 7

Number of Material Instances: 26

Number of Textures: 24 (including 5 tiling texture sets)

Texture Size: 512-2k for the photos and paintings. 2k tiling texture masks and normals.

Intended Platform: All (though tested on Windows and Android)

Important Note: The disco ball light function does not work on mobile.



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