Dark Portal

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Dark Portal Fantasy Low Poly with basic FX and animated materials.

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Preview: https://youtu.be/Mpalur6c5Gs

This is a stylized Dark Portal Fantasy, very low poly composed of five assets (1 scale, 1 banner, 1 Portal, 1 autel, 1 ribs corridor)
Every asset as a little FX light or animated material activated by overlapping trigger (short Level Blueprint).This launch some little animation.
Watch the video for more details.

Banner is supplied with 4 Blazons (coats of arms) -double axes, double swords, portal sign an skull Head. Possibility to customize banner if needed, please contact me for more information.

Every texture is optimized, generally less than 1mo.

I am currently working on a Heaven version of the portal.
And I can do more if there is a request ( elemental, fire, earth etc...)

- Gate activation
(Watch video) Animated portal mat launches by trigger overlapping and short Blueprint change map (level) when you cross the gate.

Technical Details

Physically Based Rendering: Yes
Number of Textures: 26 textures (base-color, normal map, roughness, metallic ) + I propose 4 set (Blazon) for banner asset 16 textures 1024
Texture Size: 43 =2048x2048 16=1024
Collision: Yes, custom meshes
Number of Meshes: 5
Intended Platform: PC, XBOX, PS4
Platforms Tested: PC
(Test on engine 4.13.1 to 4.15)

- Portal 1mo fbx about 11000 vertices ,3x normal map 2048, 3 materials
- Ribs 400 ko fbx (1/ 2), 5000 vertices, 1x normal map 2048, 1 material
- Socle 110 ko fbx, 1000 vertices, 1x normal map 2048, 1 material
- Autel 180 ko fbx, 959 vertices, 1x normal map 2048, 1 material
- Banner 200 ko fbx ,2700 vertices 2x normal map 1x2048 1x1024, 2 materials



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