Dark Worlds Music Loop Pack Vol. 1

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Dark Worlds Music Pack Vol. 1 is jam packed with 135 files and over 55 minutes of music, seamless loops and stings! Excellent for games and apps in the Sci-Fi, Horror, Drama, Tense, Suspenseful, and other worldly genres.

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Soundcloud Preview: soundcloud.com/craig-dodge/dark-worlds_album-sampler

Contains a variety of loop lengths and styles, as well as full mixes for trailers, cut scenes, and promotion of your project.

Tracks Included:

• Dark Shadows
- Full
- Action Mix
- 8 Seamless loops
- 3 Stings
• Leading Nowhere
- Full
- 7 Seamless loops
- 2 Stings
• Out Of The Mist
- Full
- 10 Seamless loops
- 4 Stings
• Under Cover Of Darkness
- Full
- 7 Seamless loops
- 5 Stings
• Walk Through Shadows
- Full
- 7 Seamless loops
- 3 Stings

Enhance the eerie and dramatic elements of your project!
Formats included .wav .ogg and .mp3

Technical Details

Number of Audio tracks: 62
Sample rate \ bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs
Does music\audio loop: Yes, there are loops versions as well as full versions and stings versions for advertising etc.
How many sound FX: 0
How many minutes of audio provided: 60
Intended Platform: Android, Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS, Steam, HTML5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Platforms Tested: Android, Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS, Steam, HTML5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Documentation Included: Yes



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