Customizable Weapon Pack

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This is a fully Customizable Weapon Pack containing 8 guns, 2 Knives and 10 Attachments also a complete custom weapon skin system

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This package Contains 8 guns, 2 Knives 10 Attachments and some bullet shells also a easy to use customizable weapon system consist of all types of attachment control and a dynamic skin system.

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Note: We'll be including new stuff in this package ever 2 months, so if you have something on your mind and like to see it included comment down below or send us a mail at: we'll include it if it's feasible or most demanded.

Technical Details


  •  Dynamic Grip Attachment between 2 Vertical grip & an Angled grip.
  •  Dynamic Attachment of scope like Iron Sight, Red dot Sight, Holographic & ACOG.
  • Dynamic Attachment of Muzzle Flash, Flash Hider & a Silencer.
  • 3 different dynamic mode of Skin in classic (default), Color & weapon skin.
  • 2 Assault rifle - ACWI W/Launcher & M4.
  • 2 SMG - GTM & V014.
  • 2 Shotgun - M890 & Remore-046.
  • 2 Pistol - PR-12 & NFP.
  • 2 Knife.
  • PBR Textured.
  • Any seamless texture or pattern can be used as a skin of weapon and that texture can be scaled on weapons.
  • Total 10 Attachment for weapon.

Texture Sizes:

  •  4k for SMGs, Assault rifle & Shotgun
  •  2k for Knivies & Pistols
  •  1k - 2k for Sample skin texture.

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Rigged: Yes

Vertex Count: 2k - 10k

LODs: 0

Number of Meshes: 24

Number of Materials and Material Instances: Total 47 and 20 Instances

Number of Textures: 114

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, PS3/4, Xbox one.

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac, PS3/4, Xbox one.



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