Customizable Roads

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From concrete, asphalt, brick, cobblestone, or tarmac for rain, snow, or shine, these high quality road materials can suit just about any project's needs for roads. Even edit their lane markings or remove them completely!

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With these 9 road texture sets, you can easily create any type of road surface that fits your custom project's needs. Any of the included road texture sets can be customized to blend into whichever environment you have, whether it's a dystopic city or serene countryside - be it rain, snow, or shine.

Each road texture set has multiple material instances that showcase some of their different surface, environmental, and color options. Or, start editing them from scratch by using any one of the default material instance presets.

Add your own personality to these textures by utilizing decals, props, or road meshes with multiple material IDs. All of my textures are made to be as accommodating as possible to whichever road scenarios you have in mind.

To clarify, every road texture set is composed of four textures: a BaseColor, Normal, AORH, and ColorMask. This pack utilizes as much space as possible for more efficient integration into larger projects.

Also included are seven road marking masks (solid and broken) that are designed for 2 and 3 lane roads, which can be a good gauge for where the lanes go for your roads and how big their markings should be, roughly speaking. I created these masks with the idea that they could be exported as a reference and edited based on your own lane requirements. Create and import a center turn lane, intersection attachments, bus or bike lanes, etc. for simple integration into the material instance settings.

Lastly, I have provided relatively straightforward vertex blending settings that let you add even more detail and variation if you really need it. With all of these features combined you can effortlessly create any road system you need for your project(s).

Note: If you have any future potential content suggestions, let me know!

Technical Details


  •  Full functionality in enabling up to 6 lane marking mask inputs that have their own dedicated color and UV offset sub-settings.
  •  Complete color customization for the provided road textures with up to 4 different color-change options that take advantage of uniquely-made color maps for each road texture set.
  •  Versatility in adjusting the normal and roughness map intensities for both the road and marking mask texture inputs. Also included is a road roughness override texture input and intensity setting (with 3 provided roughness maps) for replacing/blending the road roughness maps found within the AORH textures.
  • Resize and offset the road textures for roads that require more than two lanes. Use in conjunction with your own appropriately scaled road marking masks to create the most unique road system possible. I have also provided a universal marking mask scale setting if you cannot make your own masks for roads with more than three lanes.
  • Use the vertex blending (color) feature to blend in special areas for your road that flattens the road normal (R), adds water (G), or changes the road color/texture (B).

More feature documentation can be found within the notes section of the Overview map, as well as in the comments below. The master material is organized if you need to make any fundamental changes.

Please note that the road marking masks were not designed to overlap. Use incremental value inputs to align them rather than using the slider.

Supported Engine Version(s): 4.18, 4.19

Texture Resolutions: 2048x2048

Number of Materials: 2 Master Materials (1 for backup), 61 Instances

Number of Textures: 39 road textures, 7 marking masks

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows



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