Customizable House Blueprint - Complete Project

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This project offers some Blueprints and assets. You can customize houses that are already set up to work in a dedicated server environment or add new ones.

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I configured this as a complete project because there is a Game Mode which is already set up and a Key Input (Interact), but you can integrate it into another one by copying/pasting the functions in the game mode.

You can find 4 houses already configured with doors and windows. To create a new house or door, you can read the guidelines that are written in the docs ( There is a tool to edit the color of the mesh, which you will find the option that allows you to do that in the Blueprint. For example, if you want to change the roof's color, or the wall's color, or the color of other objects, you only need a mask (texture) and to set the color.

Technical Details

Remember to flag the dedicated server mode.

1. Blueprints

  • 2 root
  • 6 children
  • 1 game mode
  • 1 player controller

2. Meshes

  • small house: 5,144 triangles
  • medium house: 5,972 tris
  • large house: 6,312 tris
  • tower: 639 + 145 + 142 tris
  • door: 284 tris
  • window: 64 + 84 tris
  • stair01: 452 tris 
  • stair02: 280 tris 
  • ramp: 144 tris

3. Textures

  • small house: 2048x2048
  • medium house: 2048x2048
  • large house: 2048x2048
  • tower: 2048x2048, int 1024x1024, roof 1024x1024
  • door: 1024x1024
  • window: 512x512
  • stair01: 1024x1024
  • stair02: 1024x1024
  • ramp: 1024x1024
  • 2 x masks: 2048 and 1024

4. Materials

  • 2 master
  • 13 instances




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