Customizable Fantasy RPG Music Pack

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Customizable and looping music tracks especially suitable for fantasy/medieval games. The final mixes are made inside sound cues, so you can remix the music to perfectly suit your needs!

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The pack of ten customizable and seamlessly looping music tracks especially suitable for fantasy/medieval games. The final mix of the tracks is made inside sound cues, so you can mix the music quickly further to perfectly suit your needs. You can, for example, leave the drums out or use just drums, use a solo instrument, or adjust the volume levels to create variation. Thus, the music in this pack offers much more flexibility than ordinary soundtracks! Ready-made mixes are also included.

Preview of the default tracks is available at:

Video preview with Northern Nature Sound Collection:

Technical Details

  • 10 customizable, seamlessly looping tracks
  • 10 ready-made non-customizable mixes of default tracks for space-saving purposes
  • Total number of samples: 58
  • Total number of sound cues: 20
  • Sample quality: 44 100 Hz/16 bit stereo wav
  • BPM info provided with each track

List of default tracks:

  • Court (length 1:47, 3 instruments)
  • Sad moments (2:04, 3 instruments)
  • Victory triumph (1:51, 6 instruments)
  • Left alone (1:48, 5 instruments)
  • Mages’ guild (1:42, 5 instruments)
  • Court 2 (1:44, 4 instruments)
  • War is coming (2:05, 6 instruments)
  • After battle (2:02, 7 instruments)
  • Night travel (1:46, 4 instruments)
  • Old witch’s hut (1:30, 5 instruments)

Running time of default tracks: 18:19

Total running time of instrument layers: 1:29:01

Intended platforms: All (tested on PC)



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