Custom Shader

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Customize your scenes, styles, colors in a whole new way in Unreal Engine 4.

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The Custom Shader is an advanced set of Postprocess materials which allows you to enable many effects with your scenes and customize them in the way you want. With this tool you will easily be able to transform your default scenario in a toon stylized image, or give the effect to be in an hand-painted canvas. This pack also includes a Sobel operator like equation to highlight object edges in the world. All Postprocess materials can be applied on a default postprocess volume in order to get the following effects:

  • Gaussian blur (with customizable domain)
  • Painted blur (with customizable domain)
  • Cel shadows
  • Enhanced Shadows
  • Shadows exstinction color
  • Custom fog
  • Outline detector
  • Edges detector (Sobel operator)
  • Final color operations
  • PostColor Outline drawer
  • Heat image UVs warp
  • Water image UVs warp

All of these effects are rendered trough parameters: you can modify these parameters in order to have an higher or lower impact on the scene. In some of these fields you can change color, brightess, saturation in the postprocess domain you desire.

Technical Details

Post Process Assets

  • Materials: 3
  • Material Instances: 12
  • Material functions: 1
  • Textures: 2

Example Maps Assets

  • Maps: 7
  • Textures: 9
  • Materials: 4
  • Meshes: 1



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