Crosshair Builder

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105 Packed Crosshair textures that can be mixed and matched with hundreds of combinations plus animation examples.

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105 Packed Crosshair textures come with 4 individual channel masks to provide over 400+ pieces to choose from. Provided Master Shaders can combine the channels from up to 3 different textures. Plus each channel can be Translated, Scaled, Rotated, & Colored individually.

All parameters are exposed for dynamically animated crosshairs. Provided example map shows how to use the parameters for animation and how to integrate everything into the HUD class.

Easily create a new material instance from the master materials to create your own unique crosshairs. All example Blueprints and materials are fully documented for easy integration into your project.

Technical Details


  •  105 Packed Textures, 4 Masks apiece
  •  Modular Material to build your own customhair
  •  All parameters are exposed for Dynamically Animated Crosshairs
  • Example Materials, Hud Class Integration, & Demonstration Map included

Texture Resolutions:

  •  512x512

Number of Textures: 105

Supported Development Platforms: Win, Mac

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win, Mac



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