Creepy Organics

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Creepy Organics - a set of 40 animated materials for creating a horror-like or alien worlds organic environments.

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Creepy Organics - a set of 40 animated materials for creating organic environments. It is perfect for horror-like or alien worlds projects. All materials are highly-customizable to perfect fit your needs: change size, displacement, breathing and crawl animation, and of course, colorize it as you wish. Each material has its own set of textures: Albedo, Normal, HAOSR - Height, Ambient Occlusion, Special Details, Roughness. The total number of textures - 120 (3 for each material) and they all have resolution 2048x2048. Materials have different facture, so you always can find the right solution for your project.

Technical Details

Number of Materials:
- 40 materials
Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: (Yes/No):
- Yes
Number of Textures:
- 120 textures
Texture Resolution (complete list):
- all 120 textures have resolution 2048x2048
Engine Compatibility:
- UE 4.9 and later
Intended Platform:
- Desktop, perhaps Console
Platforms Tested:
- Desktop (Win 7x64)
Documentation Included: (Yes\No)
- So, yes: short instructions are in "Welcome" scene of asset
Important\Additional Notes:
- Highly-customizable / tweekable
- Animated shader
- Full PBR setting. Each material has it's own: Albedo, Normal, Height, Ambient Occlusion, Special details and Roughness maps.



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