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This package contains over 10 different Shaped Signs, Billboards and Pole mesh models and a single Material for procedural generating Textures. Super simple drop-downs and sliders to help assist in creating your own sign.

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What makes this pack unique is the ability to add your own Image or Mask to a selection of pre-made sign shapes. 

Super simple drop-downs and sliders to assist you in creating your own sign. 

Optional weathering, so grubby up your signs with our dirt, scuffs, and rust controls. 

Provided are a selection of pre-made masks to demonstrate how easy it is to make a sign.

Technical Details


This package contains over 10 different shaped signs, billboards and pole mesh models and a Substance Material for procedural generating Textures.

Sign shaped meshes included:

- Square

- Circle

- Diamond

- Triangle

- Triangle (180°) 

- Horizontal Rectangle 

- Vertical Rectangle 

- Octagon

- Billboards x2 

- Multiple Poles plus optional Bracket 

(Signs and Poles are separate Meshes, so a vast variety of combinations can be created)

Custom options included: 

-Input either a Mask or Image

-Set the Orientation

-Adjustable Roughness 

-Adjustable Scale and Offset 

-Changeable Mask and Background Colours (mask only) 

-Border options include Colour Changer, Thickness and Roundness sliders

-Optional “Prohibited Stripe” with width changer

-Optional Weathering for Dirt, Scuffs and Rust

Textures are automatically generated as the following:

-Base Colour 




The procedural Textures can be generated at a resolution of 256x256 up to 2048x2048.

-Number of Meshes: 18

-Number of Materials: 2 Substance files (.sbsar)

-See "SignPack_01.umap" for working examples of Materials and Meshes

-Documentation Provided

NOTE: This pack uses custom Substance Materials and requires the free Substance plugin to work in UE4. The plugin can be obtained at



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