Crazy Insane Kitchen Pack

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An Awesome collection of modular Kitchens with interiors including 50 premade ones.

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This pack includes 50 pre-made kitchens (Blueprints-static) just ready to be placed in scene. It has about 2843 assets in total. It is modular except a few Islands and some custom framework. Meshes are separated like doors of cabinets, handles and appliances and so these can be used to create interactive stuff. I have included an example Blueprint on which you can build upon.

Here are a list of items included:

* 50 Pre made Kitchens(Blueprints)

* 21 cabinet door Designs

* Appliances including Ovens, 7 Dishwashers, 4 Ranges, 8 Refrigerators, Over 40 Hoods/Chimneys, Timers, Thermometers, Toasters, Warming Drawers, Weighing Scales,Wine Coolers and more.

* 7 Faucets and 5 Soap dispensers

* About 40 handles

* Chinaware, Cookware, spoons and stuff

* A couple of islands

* 3 Hanging Racks

* Organizers, Lights, Jars, Bottles, Glasses, Cereal Box, Shelves, Step Stools, Stools, Moldings, Toe Kicks and various detail meshes.

Technical Details

Features: 50 pre-made kitchens (Blueprints-static). It has 3 maps Overview,Interactive Kitchens and a Demo Scene.

It also includes a few other useful Blueprints for faster workflow like chains for hanging stuff and cables with sockets to plug in your devices.

Number of Blueprints: 64 ,2 External Curves, 1 Macro Library

Props scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Texture Size ranges from 4096x4096 for tiling textures like wood or granite and some meshes, to 2048x2048 for most meshes and 1024x1024 for the rest.

Collision: Doors have Box collision, cabinets have perpoly and some don't have any(as blocking volumes made more sense in static kitchens).

Vertex Count: From less than 10 to about mostly upto 10,000 and a few high poly ones are also included like Hanging rack with about 47000.


Number of Meshes: 1861

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 43 Materials,278 Material Instances,1 Subsurface Profile and 5 Material Functions.

Number of Textures: 588

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, PS4, Xbox, VR



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