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Create TCP Server Or TCP Client, it's Your choice.

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Create TCP Server Or TCP Client, it's Your choice.

with this plugin you can : 

- create online game. 

- create chat system. 

- create login system. 

- create TCP Server. 

- And Other Amazing things.

this plugin use blocking system in it's own thread that's mean : 

- No CPU Load (Never) 

- non-game blocking ( not Run In Game Thread ) 

- it's Light :D

Very Good examples to improve your work with the plugin. 

documentation and some Tut video will be here in this weak [If the examples not so useful ;)]

Technical Details


  • Easy - Smart - Useful - Light.
  • Create a TCP Client Or TCP Server.
  • events: onConnect / onRecv (Very Useful Event) / onDisconnect.
  • receive and send: byte, int32, float, string ( in Other update will add vector [x,y,z] ).
  • It's work with socket blocking mode, i's mean no CPU load.
  • Non-blocking game thread, it's run in it's own thread for high performance.
  • Support IP (v4) Only, IP (v6) In Next Version.
  • No Third Party Library, Only UE Sockets (it's mean, that work in all platforms) 
  • Create more than one TCP Client, you can create more than 1000 TCP Client [ IF you want xD]. 
  • Not need to write one line of c++, you need only blueprint.
  • easy to compile because it's built with only unreal-engine networking api.
  • you can reference the plugin to any blueprint.
  • Full Source code included.

Code Modules:

  • Runtime

Number of Blueprints: 20.

Number of C++ Classes: 4.

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Supported Target Build Platforms: All Platforms (Win32-64, Linux, Mac, IOS, Android, PS4, XBOX, VR, etc..)


Example Project:

  • Chat Example:
  • Listener Example (TCP Server):
  • Login Example :
  • Puzzle Example :
  • GameServer (VB.Net) To Test Examples with it:

Important/Additional Notes:

in this weak i will add documentation and some video if the examples not so useful.

if you found any bug Or have suggestions contact with me. 

Tested in Win 10 Pro x64



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