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#jiffycrew, #core icons, #weapons, #flat, #stone age, #ancient age, #middle age, #modern age, #fantasy, #america, #europe, #middle east, #india, #china, #nepal, #malaysia, #japan

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224 core unique icons of 25 categories for worldwide weapons across ages

The purpose of Core Icons is providing many core unique icons of a certain type to users for fast creation of great games. The icons of Core Icons are in a white foreground + transparent background format so that users can easily recolor them or recombine them with custom slot backgrounds. We also make each icon unique and do not multiply the total number of icons by variations since we believe the variation can be freely done by users. Also, each Core Icons pack tries to include as many unique object icons for the pack's type as it can.

This Weapon pack contains 224 unique weapon icons of 25 categories (See above gallery and below technical information for the list). The pack icons include representative weapons across ages (Stone Age, Ancient Age, Middle Age, Modern Age, Fantasy, etc) and different nationalities (America, Europe, Middle East, India, China, Nepal, Malaysia, Japan, etc).

We are open to extend our packs by adding more icons for representative objects. Please feel free to ask us to include icons through Facebook chat.

Facebook Chat:

Technical Details

General Technical Information:

  • 224 PNG textures (256x256 resolution)
  • White foreground and transparent background

List of Categories: (The real names of guns, launchers and bullets could not be written here.)

  • Melee - Axe (Stone Axe, Battle Axe, Da Fu, Fantasy Axe, ...)
  • Melee - Dagger (Katar, Tanto, Kris, Kitchen Knife, ...)
  • Melee - EtcBladed (Scythe, Yuan Yang Yue, ...)
  • Melee - FingerGrip (Knuckles, Claw, Emei Ci, Tekokagi, ...)
  • Melee - Hammer (Hammer, War Hammer, Sledge Hammder, ...)
  • Melee - Household (Baseball Bat, Golf Club, Shovel, ...)
  • Melee - Spear (Stone Spear, Fantasy Spear, Lance, Trident, Glaive, Fang Tien Huo Ji, Naginata, ...)
  • Melee - Stick (Mace, Club, Tonfa, Chu, Bang, Kusariuchibo, ...)
  • Melee - Sword (Claymore, Harpe, Shuang Jian, Zhan Mao Dao, Katana, Sibsu, ...)
  • Melee - Tool (Crowbar, Wrench, Saw, Bolt Cutter, ...)
  • Melee - Whip (Whip, Cat of Nine Tails, Duo Jie Bian, ...)
  • Range - Arrow (Arrow 1, 2, ...)
  • Range - Bow (Bow, Fantasy Bow, Recurve Bow, Dan Gont, Yumi, ...)
  • Range - Bullet (Bullets, Magazine, Bullet 1, Bullet 2, ...)
  • Range - Capture (Bolas, Liu Xing Chui, Kaginawa, ...)
  • Range - Crossbow (Crossbow, Modern Crossbow, Fantasy Crossbow, ...)
  • Range - Grenade (Grenade, German Grenade, Molotov Cocktail, ...)
  • Range - Launcher (Launcher 1, Launcher 2 ...)
  • Range - Pistol (Pistol 1, Pistol 2..)
  • Range - Rifle (Rifle 1, Rifle 2...)
  • Range - Slingshot (Sling, Slingshot, ...)
  • Range - Throwing (Javelin, Zupain, Bi Dao, Shuriken, Kunai, ...)
  • Spell - Book (Bible, ...)
  • Spell - Fan (Dan, He Yu Shan, ...)
  • Spell - Wand (Wand 1, 2, ...)



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