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Generic controller support! Poll any standard USB controller, including DirectInput-only devices.

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Break free of xinput and harness the power of the many thousands of regular PC game controllers that exist. Things like flight systems (stick+throttle), racing wheels, pedals, and USB adapters for old console controllers can now be used in your UE4 game. This is a code plugin but works even in non-code projects. It provides Blueprint nodes for discovering and polling controllers. It works outside the default input system but can be used alongside it; this means other plugins that work with the default input system will not affect Controlysis, but will likely still function. Controllers are referred to based on their model (Hardware ID), not a serial ID, so any configuration system you build upon Controlysis will remain stable in the face of connecting/disconnecting controllers between play sessions.

Technical Details

List of Modules:
• Controlysis (Runtime)

List of Features:
• Discover/enumerate controllers
• Poll controllers via a BlueprintFunctionLibrary

Intended Platforms: Windows (64bit), Windows (32bit)
Platforms Tested: Windows (64bit)
Documentation Included: Yes
Important\Additional Notes: See the included documentation for a list of blueprint nodes and types provided by Controlysis.



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