Concrete Rubble

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High quality concrete debris models with 2k Textures, 1 master material for ground. All models include 4 LODs.

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This pack contains 17 static meshes to set dress your scenes with destruction. It includes Concrete debris meshes and a Rubble pile. They include individual pieces to create your own debris, LODs and collisions.

Technical Details


  •  9 Different concrete debris pieces
  •  1 Rubble pile
  •  1 Master ground material with world position blending mask and tessellation (and mobile version of that material)

Texture Sizes:

  •  Concrete debris: 2048x2048
  •  Ground textures: 2048x2048
  •  Noise mask: 2048x2048
  • Detail normal: 512x512

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Collision: Yes, automatically generated. Merged Debris don't use collision since they are intended to paint the scene with them.

Vertex Count: Individual concrete debris have and average of 245. Rubble pile has 899. Combined concrete debris have and average of 2334

LODs: 4

Number of Meshes: 18

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 4 Materials (1 mobile), 5 Material Instances, 2 Material Functions.

Number of Textures: 17

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac, Console, Mobile, VR

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac, Console, Mobile, VR

Documentation: No

Important/Additional Notes: If you wish how the assets were made, don't hesitate to contact me and I will help you in anyway I can.



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