Complete HealPack System

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Vulnerable Player Health Management and Fully Customizable Health Pack Systems.

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Vulnerable Player Health Management and Fully Customizable Health Pack System.

With these Blueprints systems you get a vulnerable player character who can receive damages and can collect health packs to restore his HP. The project consists a couple of predefined and fully customizable health packs, and also include a respawnable and intractable health pack too. You can set up the health pack’s mesh, particle effect, heal sound, HP restore value, respawn time and set it to play animation or not. (Meshes, materials, Heal particle and sound are included). You also get a HUD system to, which is represents the player’s actual HP. The player character can die (damage volumes included). And of course you can set up your character’s max health and actual health value.

The Blueprints and the materials are fully commented so you can easily understand their functionality. You can use these Blueprints in your level without any coding, and you can set custom values within the editor.

Technical Details

If You need a support please send an email to:

Health Pack Blueprint Systems:

• Respawnable health packs: after collected it will be respawn

• Interaction health pack: only can be collected when you hit a key

• Fully customizable health packs: You can set up:

o Heal Particle

o Heal sound

o Health Pack’s Mesh

o HP Restore Value

o Respawn Time

o Checkbox: Can the player collect a HP if his HP MAX?

o Checkbox: The Health Pack Play Animation or Not?

• 3 Predefined Health Packs:

o Small: restore 25 HP

o Medium: restore 50 HP

o Large: restore 100 HP

Vulnerable Player Character who receive damages and can collect health pack to restore his HP.

• You can set the Player’s Actual and Max health value

• The player character is vulnerable so in game he can die

• If the character died, then the level reload.

• Damage volumes also included

• Can collect health packs which are restores the player’s HP

Proper Health Bar HUD

• Represents the Player’s HP in percentage (text) and draw a 2D real time fillable Material.

Particle Effect:

• 1 Heal Particle Effect.

• 2 Materials

• 2 Textures


• 1 Audio Wave: Healing Sound


• 2 Materials

• 5 Material Instances

• 2 Textures: 1 normal map, 1 default

o Resolution: 128*128

o Resolution: 2048*2048

Supported Platforms: Desktop, Console, Mobile





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