Cloudscape Seasons

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Volumetric Cloud system procedurally generated & with artistic controls

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Volumetric Cloud system procedurally generated with artistic controls on the shapes and fine details. You can set up to 3 different layers of clouds, each one with a different cloud type and wind strength and speed. You can customize shadowing and colors as fix parameters or driven by curves. Sky Sphere BP replacement for driving Sun and Moon trajectories both based in calendar with latitude and longitude settings. It allows you to generate your own cloud shapes using the provided materials as models.

Package is intended for high-end machines and for cinematic production. Lowering several settings you can get higher performance, in detriment of details, for playing games. Running as standalone application with 32GB RAM FX-9370 at 3.6 GHz with GTX 1080 at 1733GHz base clock, easily achieves 120+ FPS in HD and Full HD.

Minimum HW for gaming: 4GB RAM Graphic card like GTX-970 or RX-580.

Demo download (non-VR) : here

Asset newest video: - older video:

Demo Video (small) :

Demo Video (detailed) :

Technical Details


-> Volumetric clouds (you can fly into)

-> Self Shadowing and Shadow projection to environment

-> Turbulence on the edges

-> Procedurally generated textures (Coverage 2K or 4K)

-> Artistic freedom to set colors, to tell different shapes for clouds and places they won't show up

-> Day & night cycles with both Sun and Moon trajectories as calendar based including lat and long settings. Blinking stars.

-> No C++ code, only blueprints & materials with HLSL nodes.

-> Multiplayer Replication

Blueprints: 09 (incl. BP_Sky_Sphere replacement)

Materials: 21

Mat Instances: 18

Mat Functions: 11

Textures: 13

Curvers: 13

DataTables: 09

Enumerations: 04

Structures: 04

Meshes: 02

Demo Maps: 05

Custom Nodes in HLSL: 07

Supp Dev Plat: High-End PC Windows

Supp Target Build Plat: High-End PC Windows (D3D, OpenGL and Vulkan)

Min HW for gaming: 4GB VRAM Card like GTX 970/RX-580.

Docs v.1.0: video at

Docs v.1.1 and demo: video at

Support thread and FAQ:

Join our Discord:



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