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Clones Generator is an object multiplier designed to save you some time.

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The clones generator Blueprint allows you to quickly create copies of an specific object, adjusting them with a bunch of different parameters to make it fully customizable or semi-procedural. When it comes to make copies or duplications of a mesh, the task can be a little bit tedious and boring, you spent so much time trying to adjust their position, rotation and/or scale, and later on you noticed that something goes wrong, or you need to change the position of all the copies. With the Clones Generation you will have total control over the rotation and scale, materials, displacements, progressive displacements, copies en each axis, etc. This, and much more, with the Clones Generation Blueprint.

Technical Details

*The clones generator Blueprint ready to use.
*3 simple assets to test it. Cube, sphere and cylinder.
*1 super simple material just to test the materials tab.
*A custom macro called "For Loop Multiple" used to do some of the functionality inside the blueprint.



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