CleanUI Simple UI Buttons

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CleanUI offers users exceptional control over a range of beautiful UI elements

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CleanUI | Simple UI Buttons

Preview | Here

Introduction | Here

CleanUI Is a set of ready-to-go UI elements which can be used to beautifully render AAA quality buttons, boxes, and more!

Using signed distance fields users can customize their UI beyond what would be possible with textures alone! Customize colors, borders, rounded corners, and more!

Technical Details


  • Highly customizable Widgets giving the user immense freedom.
  • Easy setup, clearly labelled settings and fast viewport updates when designing your UI. 
  • Contains a wide array of icons but is designed to make swapping in and out your own easy and painless.
  • Pre-animated buttons and toggles with 4 options for both hover and press on text and icon buttons.
  • Easy to plug in sounds with editable variables already set up and waiting.

Number of Materials: 1 + 1 instance

Number of Textures: 246 240/240 icons

Number of Widgets: 12 + 1 example file (shown in the preview video)

Supported Development Platforms: All Platforms.

Supported Target Build Platforms: All Platforms.

Important/Additional Notes:

The scroll box is a style not a widget that works on its own. It should be dropped into a scroll box, from there it will takeover the look of the widget and update it within the editor just like the others.



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