Classic Shotgun Pack

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A pack of three classic Shotgun models, complete with 4K textures, suitable for today’s AAA first/third person games. No game would be complete without everyone’s favorite Boomstick!

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Sawed Off Shotgun SketchFab:
Double Barrelled Shotgun SketchFab:
Pump Action Shotgun SketchFab:

A pack of three, high quality, classic Shotgun models, including: a Double Barrel 'Coach Gun', a Sawed Off Shotgun, and a Pump Action Shotgun with detachable rear sights and rail. The models have been carefully crafted for use in the latest first or third person games with 4K PBR textures, and a modest polygon count. They are rigged and ready to be dropped into your UE4 project, and can be fully customized to suit your needs.

Technical Details

4 AAA quality Assets:
• Sawed Off Shotgun (3,883 Tris / 3,673 Verts)
• Double Barrelled Shotgun (4,037 Tris / 3,812 Verts)
• Pump Action Shotgun (10,200 Tris / 10,328 Verts)
• Rear sights and rail (1,526 Tris / 1,870 Verts)

4K,2K, and 1K PBR Textures including: Albedo, Metalness, Roughness, Normal Map, and Ambient Occlusion, for all 4 meshes.
Number of Blueprints: 0

Intended Platform: Windows Desktop
Platform Tested: Windows Desktop
Documentation Included: No



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