Character Stats - Health Kit & Attributes

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Health / Armor / Mana / Stamina / Condition / Thirst / Hunger / Bleeding / Poisoning / Broken bone / Damage from falling / Regeneration / Experience / Level / Point Experience

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Product divided into 2 components: State Component and Level Stats and has almost all needed options

Thanks to these components, you can easily create any types of games. You just need to add components to your Blueprints and customize them as you need. You can create any types of games easily, thanks to these components. All you have to do is add components into your Blueprints and customize them as you need. You do not need any interfaces, the components are independent by themselves and start working as soon as you add them and turn on necessary parts. Also, the components have a functionality of disabling unused parts of code for optimization purposes.

If you need regeneration only, just enable it or add something else at your option. Health is on by default. Create a building, assign State Component to it, and your building will get condition points. Assign Condition and your building will get life duration. Assign Level Stats Component and boost your building level. If you need Warrior AI - just add the Components and configure them. If you need Poisoning - it also exists!

If you need Bleeding from bullets, sword, or something else - here you go!

Do you want more realism? Just turn on Damage from falling and bone fractures! That's very easy. The are no limitations with these possibilities. Convenient Dispatchers will help you here.

Want to create a food item? It's very simple. Or, maybe you want to make food become rotten over the time? It's also possible! Do you want to make it poisonous? Not a problem!

There is just a simple type of water, which quenches your thirst. Or maybe you want to add healing effects to water? It's super easy - just turn it on and add 2 more nodes!

Technical Details


  •  A State Component that can manage a large number of different systems for one actor, with specific rules for each of them.
  •  A series of demonstration actors that shows you how to setup the components which can fulfill a variety of roles.
  •  Items which show flexibility of the component usage.
  • Only you can limit the components possibilities, in common they are not limited in any way and can be applied in a variety of ways!
  • The system can be hooked up easily with any controller or pawn and can be implemented with first person, third person, topdown, sidescroller, vehicle, or with any other project style you could think of.

Number of Blueprints: 16

Number of Components: 2

Static Mesh: 1

Destructible Mesh: 1

Animations: 1

Input: None required, though demo uses keyboard and mouse inputs.

Network Replicated: (Not. Requires rework with replication)

Supported Development Platforms: (Windows, Mac)

Supported Target Build Platforms: (Windows, Mac)

Documentation: Preview video

Important/Additional Notes:

  • For correct work Demo-level need enable Physics plugin - Apex Destruction.
  • The “ForCorrectWorkDemoLVL” folder can be deleted if the demo level is not needed in your project.
  • Components can be moved to any folder that suits you.



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