Character Interaction

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The different character of interaction with interactive objects. Weapons, doors, items, buttons... Included controller character - jumping, shooting, crouching, close combat...

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Video Demo gameplay level (included in the package): Character Interaction

Video Update1 (IK, InterruptInteraction, FirstPerson): Character Interaction Update 1

Video Update2 (Weapon switcher, Jumping, Crouching…): Character Interaction Update 2

Door - contains a collaboration with two door sides. It can be locked for extra's Event as a preview level.

Interaction object - contains an interactive object that can cause various events.

Targets - contains a full physical metal target and wood zombie target for shooting.

Pickup Item - contains automatic calculation of the position of the object as well as the dispatcher calls.

Weapon - The weapon class contains the necessary settings for the creation of firearms. A fully animated weapon models handgun and assault rifle. Holsters for the guns and a futuristic knife.


Player Character

pawn - contains a fully procedural system moving in a circle, as the

interaction with the weapon and interactive objects. Can jump, crouch, aiming…

Enemy Character

pawn - contains a simple AI that is able to see and hear to chase the

player as well as the attack melee. Can die and has a physical reaction

to the counter-attack and the bullets.

Technical Details

Animations Technical info:
Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Number of Animations: 131
Animation types: In-place

Assault rifle Technical info:
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Size:
T_AR_D - diffuse 2048x2048
T_AR_N - normal map 2048x2048
T_AR_Rmea - masks roughness, metalic, ambient Occlusion 2048x2048
Triangle Count: 7911,3863,2937,2603,1987
LODs: 5

Handgun Technical info:
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Size:
T_Handgun_D - diffuse 2048x2048
T_Handgun_N - normal map 2048x2048
T_Handgun_Rmea - masks roughness, metalic, ambient Occlusion 2048x2048
Triangle Count: 3886
LODs: 1

Knife Technical info:
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Size:
T_Knife_D - diffuse 2048x2048
T_Knife_N - normal map 2048x2048
T_Knife_Rmea - masks roughness, metalic, ambient Occlusion 2048x2048
T_Knife_E - emissive color mask 2048x2048
Triangle Count: 1285
LODs: 1

Effects Technical info:
Number of Effects: 6
List of every effect:
Bullet Impact concrete
Bullet Impact Metal
Bullet Impact Wood
Wood Brake
Muzzlefire Handgun

Audio Technical info:
Sample rate: 44100
Number of Audio tracks: 34

Documentation - Rus/Eng

Online support as well as additional information is available here - Discord channel



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