Character Interaction

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The different character of interaction with interactive objects. Weapons, doors, items, buttons... Included controller character - jumping, shooting, crouching, close combat...

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Video Demo gameplay level (included in the package): Character Interaction
Video Update1 (IK, InterruptInteraction, FirstPerson): Character Interaction Update 1
Video Update2 (Weapon switcher, Jumping, Crouching…):Character Interaction Update 2

Door - contains a collaboration with two door sides. You can use a static mesh or skeletal mesh. It can be locked for extra's Event as a preview level.

Interaction object - contains an interactive object that can cause various events. Initially it contains an array of all the objects presented in the demo level.

Targets - contains a full physical metal target and wood zombie target for shooting.

Pickup Item - contains automatic calculation of the position of the object as well as the dispatcher calls.

Weapon - contains the following configuration :
Fire type - Single, Auto fire. (Pistol, Shotgun or AutoRifle)
RapidityOfFire (AutoRifle)
Recoil (Dynamic camera shake)
Cone spread (Increase, Decrease)
Number of bullets per shot (Shotgun)
Ammo (Clip and Pocket)
Impulse strength (Phys)
Clip phys component (with sounds)
Shell particle component (with sounds)
Weapon animations

A fully animated weapons handgun and assault rifle. Holsters for the guns and a futuristic knife.

Player Character
pawn - contains a fully procedural system moving in a circle, as the
interaction with the weapon and interactive objects. Can jump, crouch, aiming…

Enemy Character
pawn - contains a simple AI that is able to see and hear to chase the
player as well as the attack melee. Can die and has a physical reaction
to the counter-attack and the bullets.

8 tutorials (tutorial blueprint).

Technical Details

Animations Technical info:
Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Number of Animations: 131
Animation types: In-place

Assault rifle Technical info:
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Size:
T_AR_D - diffuse 2048x2048
T_AR_N - normal map 2048x2048
T_AR_Rmea - masks roughness, metalic, ambient Occlusion 2048x2048
Triangle Count: 7911,3863,2937,2603,1987
LODs: 5

Handgun Technical info:
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Size:
T_Handgun_D - diffuse 2048x2048
T_Handgun_N - normal map 2048x2048
T_Handgun_Rmea - masks roughness, metalic, ambient Occlusion 2048x2048
Triangle Count: 3886
LODs: 1

Knife Technical info:
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Size:
T_Knife_D - diffuse 2048x2048
T_Knife_N - normal map 2048x2048
T_Knife_Rmea - masks roughness, metalic, ambient Occlusion 2048x2048
T_Knife_E - emissive color mask 2048x2048
Triangle Count: 1285
LODs: 1

Effects Technical info:
Number of Effects: 6
List of every effect:
Bullet Impact concrete
Bullet Impact Metal
Bullet Impact Wood
Wood Brake
Muzzlefire Handgun

Audio Technical info:
Sample rate: 44100
Number of Audio tracks: 34

Documentation - Rus/Eng

Online support as well as additional information is available here - Discord channel



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