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A game-ready male character with extensive facial and body customization. Perfect for any man hero, for FPS or RPG projects.

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Created with the help of one of the most popular character artists currently on Artstation, this package allows for powerful customization. Let your players design their ideal character or create multiple distinct NPCs for your game!

Technical Details

Female version

Video demo:


- 10 body morphs

- 26 face morphs

- 5 facial expression morphs

- Customizable eyes, brows, eyelashes

- 3 hairstyles and 13 beard styles allow for many combinations

- 6 lighting setups

- Ability to save and load presets

- All of the presets shown in screenshots are provided: link (to be put in Saved/SaveGames folder of the project)

Polycount: 19.4k tris main model, 9-15k tris hairstyles

Everything is just 316 MB without clothes



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