Cartoon Rendering Pack

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Cartoon Rendering Pack contains customizable cel shading surface materials and a post-processing line drawing material carefully designed to achieve quality cartoon rendering of characters in UE4.

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Cartoon Rendering Pack is a customizable material asset pack to help UE4 users easily make quality cartoon character outlook as in Naruto Ultimate and Guilty Gear Xrd.

The cel shading materials are designed as surface materials so that they can be independently applied to different objects. By doing so, users can freely mix different styles in a scene. For example, as in many Japanese animations, while cel shading is applied on characters, other objects such as buildings, trees, hairs, and weapons may have different (usually more realistic) rendering styles. We believe this kind of style-mixing might be hardly achieved by post-processing approaches like the UE4's official cartoon tutorial. To provide easy control of wide variety cartoon appearance, our materials support interactive controls of border location between bright/dark cels, cel brightness, smoothness of cel boundary, line thickness/threshold/color, etc. The materials also support many standard maps including normal, specular, gloss, and AO maps.

Our line drawing material is designed to better detect important lines by using more information than depth discontinuity. It also automatically controls the lines to better preserve character appearance when depth changes.

This pack also contains the full contents of our AllPlatformOutlinePack.

The Mixamo characters in our demo video are not included in the pack. Instead, we provide a detailed documentation to reproduce the scene.

Technical Details

• 2 main customizable cel shading materials
• 1 post-processing line drawing material
• 1 trivial diffuse material for floor

Material Instances:
• 5 1D-texture-based cel shading material instances tuned for Mixamo Characters
• 5 analytic cel shading material instances tuned for Mixamo Characters
• 1 line drawing material instance for Mixamo Scene
• 3 differently configured 1D-texture-based cel shading material instances used for the starter pack's Material Preview Mesh
• 3 differently configured analytic cel shading material instances used for the starter pack's Material Preview Mesh
• 1 line drawing material instance for the starter pack's Material Preview Mesh

Material Functions:
• Several functions for image filtering
• Several functions for arithmetic operations
• Several functions for shading-related vector computation
• Several functions for advanced interpolation
• Several functions for line detection
• Several functions for complex conditional expression

Physically-Based Rendering: No
Number of Materials: 4
Number of Material Functions: 16
Number of Material Instances: 18

Intended Platform:
• Cel Shading - Desktop and Mobile
• Post-process Line Drawing (Silhouette and Crease) - Desktop only
• Post-process Line Drawing (Silhouette only) - Desktop and Mobile
• 2-pass Line Drawing - Desktop and Mobile

Documentation Included: Yes



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