CB SkySystem

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A holistic and artistically driven Atmospheric Sky system featuring Highly customized Day/Night lighting, Full-featured Cloud system and shadowing, Dynamic/static sky light setups and additional Fog options. All in one intuitive Blueprint.

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V2.0 Is now here with many improvements!

CB SkySystem is a relatively complex, yet easy to use, system which is intended to provide the user a high quality dynamic and static atmospheric sky and clouds. The system includes all components needed including light and fog components, a sophisticated cloud system, and a preset post process node. The system is interconnected by complex algorithms to achieve professional and very artistic looking sky. The system automatically updates in-editor and in-game while in dynamic mode. The Cloud system is very flexible and sensitive to sun intensity and direction and utilizes several technics that produces nice visuals any time during the day or night. The system performance cost is very minimal and can be used in VR projects even in dynamic mode with capable hardware.

Overview video:


Technical Details

CB SkySystem feature list:

  • Customized dynamic day/night lighting. Updates real-time in-editor and at intervals in-game.
  • Day and night light parameters are controlled separately and influence other parameters.
  • Dynamic fake bounce light that reacts to sun color and intensity. Works well with or without LPV.
  • The system also supports fully static and stationary baked lighting.
  • A robust cloud system that manipulates textures and produces diverse arrangements ranging from small scattered clouds to complete overcast sky.
  • Clouds highlights and shadows nicely conform with sun direction and color.
  • Clouds also cast cheap fake shadows which conform to cloud density and scale and move along with clouds under wind conditions.
  • A coordinated height fog that respects lighting conditions and blends with the sky.
  • An included post-process node with auto exposure settings tuned to sun/sky intensity.
  • System's settings and behavior were fine tuned to produce subtle and almost-realistic results that work for a wide range of video game and visualization scenarios.
  • All shaders are relatively cheap and work very well for VR. Mobile usability to be confirmed.
  • Great for beginners and advanced developers alike. Saves big time during prototyping.
  • Easy to use and artist friendly. All settings are well commented and explained.

Number of Blueprints: 1

Supported Development Platforms: PC, MAC, VR.

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, MAC, VR, PS3, XBOX ONE.

Documentation: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AmDfRT1aqTwLgrIahtXS9sPJVM6h6A

Important/Additional Notes:

  • Compatible with Unreal Engine v4.19 and up.
  • Mesh Distant Fields feature should be activated for dynamic light setup.



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