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With this powerful toolkit, you can quickly and efficiently build your own card game with minimal effort. All you would need is your own art for the toolkit. This includes hundreds of Blueprints to get you started, from game purchases to AI and much more.

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The pack comes with the following:

-AI Debugger

-An AI To Fight Against With 3 Difficulties

-Easy To Implement New Cards And Add Unlock-able Cards Or Starter Cards

-Fully Flexible Model To Amend And Change.

-Card Abilities To Unleash On Foes

-An Arsenal Of Spells, Powers And Monsters

-Rules, Board And Basic Set Of Cards For Play-ability

-A Card Library To View All Cards In Game

-A Deck Builder To Build Decks, Delete Decks, Load And Customise Decks

-Card Classes/Types/Abilities

-Built In Deck Strength Calculator And Card Filters

-Earn In Game Currency And Buy Card Packs

-Player Profile System

-Options Which Can Be Adjusted And Saved

-Achievements Which Can Be Unlocked.

-Preset Characters Which Provide Different In Game Bonus During A Match

-Win Streaks And A Win/Loss Record

-Player Levelling System

-Player XP System

-Hint System To Display Possible Actions

-Defence/Attack and Flip Summons

-100% Blueprint Framework

-Customizable Card Placement

-Card Previews/Zooms

-Card Graveyard

-Player And Opponent UI Framework

-Player Health And Power Systems

-Basic Win and Loose Conditions

-Card Rarities

-Turn and Game Timers

-In-Game Store

-Multiple Card Functions for Monsters, Spells and Powers

-Card Abilities/Classes and Types

-Counter Response System

-Built In Tutorial System

-Steam Integration

-Steam Friends

-Steam Invites

-Matchmaking System


-Social Cues

-Online Match Chat Box

-Social Cues

-Open Block List (Developer choice what to do with this list)

With all this ready made content, you can quickly add new cards rules and begin designing your ultimate card game with ease.

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 252

Amount of Art: 23

Number of Enumerations: 12

Number of Widgets: 22

Network Replicated: Yes


Toolit Preview & Introduction Video

Supported Platforms


Additional Plugins Required

Advanced Session Plug In

Support Email

Please leave feedback so we can improve the toolkit for everyone.



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