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2 players, upto 10 AI & Zones to place around level. Easy to use & understand with comment boxes around nodes to explain their use

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This is a 2 player split screen game with AI that joins the players to capture the zones. Each team member in the zone adds 5 points to the capture of the zone. The more team members in the zone, the faster you will capture zone. If enemy team owns the zone, your team will have to neutralize the zone before taking the zone for your own. Teams will get 100 bonus points for each team member who neutralizes / captures these zones. This capture the zone template is simple & strait to the point, I have made it this way so users can get a complete & comprehensive understanding of the mechanics of the game. Now you can take this template & build your own CTZ game. If you need any help with this project or any ideas to make this project better, please comment in the marketplace or contact me through provided contact details in my marketplace profile. Cheers & Enjoy

Technical Details


  • WB_MainMenu where user selects options. Points to win, Time to end game & amount of AI for teams
  • BP_BlueTeam_Character & BP_RedTeam_Character are the players characters in the game
  • BP_AI_BlueTeam_Character & BP_AI_RedTeam_Character which are the AI that will join the players in game
  • BP_BlueTeam_Spawner & BP_RedTeam_Spawner which spawn in the AI when the game starts
  • BP_CTZ_GameMode is the central hub of the game

Number of Blueprints: 16

Input: Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows


Documentation: In game widget (Basic)

Important/Additional Notes: Great start to creating your own CTZ game. Please comment or contact me if you need help or have any ideas to make this template better



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