Capricious Fate

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In this pack you will find everything you ever desired to determine the fate of destiny, like dices, a shaker/dice cup, a bitcoin, a wheel of fortune and a lot of more!

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Application areas can be dice-, card- or boardgames. In all situations, where you need a player order, you can use these gimmicks. 

The tools are various dicetypes, a diceshaker, a coin, a wheel of fortune and a stick draw gimmick. 

The pro of these gimmicks is, that they give you a visual experience for the random value the algorithm has chosen. Further people thing they have an influence on the random result, if they throw a dice. These gimmicks gives you the same feeling!

The dices and the coin have a Blueprint function to determine the facing up value. There is a function to flip the coin with a random impulse.

The diceshaker gives you the possibility to shake around the dices with your mouse and throw them.

The wheel of fortune has a function to turn the wheel and to determine the stopping field. The number of fields can be chosen by the player.

The stick gimmick gives you the option to type in the player names. Then every player can chose a stick. If this has happened the function gives you the player order. The player who chose the longest stick is the first player, the one with the second longest is the second player and so on...

Challenge your capricious fate!

Technical Details


⦁ 6 different dices with customizable material settings.

⦁ A diceshaker with shake around animation.

⦁ A Coin.

⦁ A wheel of fortune, with variable number of fields. (0 - 30)

⦁ A stick gimmick.

Number of Blueprints: 7

Input: Keyboard and Mouse

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Documentation: Read here

Preview Video: Watch it here

Demo Play: Download here

If you have any sugesstions/wishes/fatefull decissions to make just drop me a line: ><



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