Brushify - Environment Shaders Pack

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This unique and powerful shaders pack comes with a Landscape Auto Material that lets you easily paint multiple biomes, shaders that add dynamic effects to your objects, with everything textured automatically in real-time.

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Contains Brushify Landscape Auto Material.

Disclaimer: this pack only contains Brushify shaders and some example scenes. For other assets shown in brushify tutorials you must purchase one of the full packs.

Brushify simplifies Unreal Engine environment production with a selection of highly optimized, easy to use shaders.

The Landscape shader lets users paint various generic biomes onto the landscape. Slope and snow cover is taken care of automatically and can easily be adjusted in the material instance.

See the shaders in action in these tutorials:

Multi-biome Landscape Shader tutorial:

Build a 64km^2 map:

This pack comes with a playable level with a ready-made landscape.

More information can be found about this product at:

Technical Details


  • Multi-Biome landscape shader demonstration level
  • Snow shader demonstration level
  • Blend together Multiple Biomes without limitations.
  • Clean and modular setup using Functions. Easily expand and add your own materials.
  • All materials automatically texture the terrain with real-world texture detail.
  • Slope (for cliffs)
  • Cover (create Snow, Moss, Wind Erosion)
  • 3 levels of texture detail (Global, Macro and Close) landscape is detailed at any range.
  • Contains Near mesh shader with Cover functionality (Easily add Snow, Moss, Wind erosion to any of your 3d meshes).

Texture Resolutions: All Textures 2048x2048 or greater.



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