Brushify - Forest Pack

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Realistic Modular Forest assets and ready-made environment. Includes Brushify Landscape Auto Material and other shaders

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Contains Brushify Landscape Auto Material.

Add realistic forests to your landscapes with this procedural and modular pack. Assets are fully optimized with billboards and ready to be used with the procedural spawning system.

Trees feature realistic wind bending. Tree trunks sway naturally in the wind.

Showcase Video:

As with all Brushify packs, this pack comes with the Multi-Biome landscape shader. It's an advanced auto material that lets you paint multiple biomes with ease across huge maps.

Get the most out of Brushify with these free tutorials:

Multi-biome Landscape Shader tutorial:

Build a 64km^2 map:

This pack comes with a playable level with a complete ready-made landscape.

More information can be found about this product at:


Please disable 'Static Lighting' in your project settings. Otherwise you must build lighting for correct results (as seen in screenshots)

Technical Details


  • 4 foliage species. Cedar, Birch, Maple trees, and Juniper bushes.
  • 5 rock meshes including a mountain
  • Includes Alpha brush (erosion brush) for landscape sculpting.
  • Comes with 4 distance landscape meshes: Generic Erosion 01, Generic Erosion 02, Mountain Generic 03, Generic Erosion 04
  • This pack contains a ready-made level already built using the Brushify assets.
  • Material instances for multiple biomes are included (Snow, Grassland, Desert, and Coast)
  • Optimized Grass is included
  • Includes a Procedural Spawn setup that automatically covers terrain slopes with rocks and foliage.
  • Scene is optimized for consoles/VR.

Texture Sizes: All Bark, rock and cliff Textures are 4k resolution, leaf atlases are 1k, distance terrain Textures are 8k resolution.

Vertex Count: 1000 to 80,000

LODs: All Meshes have 5 LODs

Contains Landscape Auto Material (auto Textures terrain, paint down multiple biomes, easy Material and layer setup)

Contains Near Mesh shader (easily switch assets to different biomes: snow, desert, coast)

Contains Simple Water Shader

Contains Foliage Material

Contains Cloud Shadows Material

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