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100 book models with the different covers +50 pre-built stacks and heaps

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This pack contains a huge amount of unique book designs, pre-built book stacks and heaps.

All these book models come with two different texture versions - clean new and dirty worn. This pack is perfectly fit to any scene, archviz or game - doesn't matter. Especially good for the big library filling.

> Turntable video <

Technical Details


  •  100 books +50 pre-built stacks and heaps;
  •  clean new and dirty worn versions;
  •  all books share single 4k texture atlas (very good for the performance boost);
  • every book has only 12 triangles (15k tris for the whole set);
  • optimized for mobiles;

Texture Sizes:

  • 4096 * 4096 px.

Scaled to Epic skeleton: yes

Collision: Yes, primitive box colliders for single books and automatically generated for the heaps and stacks

Vertex Count: 11k for the whole pack

LODs: no

Number of Meshes: 153

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 1 master material, 2 material instances (clean and dirty versions)

Number of Textures: 6 (including Base Color, AO, Roughness, Metallic and Normal maps)

Supported Development Platforms: any platform supported

Supported Target Build Platforms: any platform supported

Important/Additional Notes: the library scene from screenshots is not included in this pack. You can get it here.



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