Bookman's Custom Noise Texture Pack Volume 1

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This pack of 16x Tiled 4k Custom Noise Textures + Normal Maps, and Sample Materials is a great all purpose pack of Textures with normal maps that should serve to enhance your art pipeline, or a great way to jump start learning the UE4 Material Editor.

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This Pack includes 16x 4k Tiled Noise Textures plus accompanying Normal Maps, and a set of 7 Sample Materials. It's a great addition to your texturing pipeline and can greatly expand the use of other textures, such as Photo Textures, for making just about any kind of material you need or for use on their own.

Each Texture is custom made, and has enough dynamic range to be flexible for a multitude of uses.

Each of the Material Samples are well organized and fully annotated so it's easy to learn what is happening within each node!

Check out this Tutorial Video for more information about how these textures can help you!

Lastly I have provided a pack of 4x Textures that when combined hold all 16 Custom textures. One of these Textures hold 4 textures inside, 1 per channel for easy access to multiple textures from a single Texture sample.

Technical Details

Number of Textures: 16
Texture Resolution (complete list): All textures 4096x4096
Engine Compatibility: 4.12
Intended Platform: Windows
Platforms Tested: Windows
Documentation Included: Yes, Tutorial



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