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A collection of 76 bookcases, book filled, specially made for Unreal Engine 4.

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***Update : Adding 76 bookcases Blueprint, easier to manage, pick a bookcase blueprint and drag it directly in the level***

How to:

76 bookcases specially made for Unreal Engine 4, All book filled. Drag an drop ready. All bookcases are 2 parts material, with 8 wood material available. 108 different, neutral bookcover for visual variation, with easy switching in editor. Possibility to create and add your own cover if needed (in a 2D software).

Technical Details

Assets included :

• 76 Bookcases Blueprint with angle snap pivot

• 76 Bookcases with angle snap pivot

• 9 Base books with angle snap pivot

• Example map with some bookcase already lightbuilded

• Overview Map with all bookcase already lightbuilded

Meshes :

• Smallest bookcase : 4504 Tris

• Biggest bookcase : 65344 Tris

Please look at the documentation for detailled asset informations

Materials (PBR) :

• 2 Master material

• 116 Instance material

Textures :

• 155 Textures (1024 for books / 2048 for Bookcases)

Props scaled to Epic Skeleton / Real world size

Collision : Yes

LODs: No

Platform tested : PC




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