Blueprint Streams

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Blueprint Streams lets you handle byte array data streams directly in Blueprints.

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Blueprint Streams provides handling of byte array data streams directly in Blueprints.

Useful for:

  • Save game data in case you want to avoid huge, bloated, unmanageable SaveGame objects. Each actor can write to and load from your serialized array with a custom logic, and you only need to save this single array in your SaveGame object. See the Save and Load screenshots on this page as examples (contained in the attached project too).
  • Send encrypted data through network. If you have any sensitive data that you need to send to another machine, obfuscating a byte array is much easier than doing it on a per-variable basis.
  • And whatever else you generally use streams for in C++.

Technical Details

Generally, it is a simple wrapper around the memory writer C++ classes.


  • Reading from and writing to byte array data streams
  • Saving and loading the streams to/from binary files
  • All 10 standard variable types and their array counterparts are supported
  • Extensible: You can create your own writer and reader functions directly in Blueprints, so you can (de)serialize your custom objects, structs, maps, sets, and arrays too

Example Project:

Code Module: BlueprintStreams (Runtime)

Number of C++ Classes: 2 (StreamReader, StreamWriter)

Supported Development Platforms: All

Supported Target Build Platforms: All

Important/Additional Notes: Please note that direct file reading/writing is not supported on all platforms.





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