Blockbuster Tension + Action Music Pack

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A massive compilation containing over 60+ minutes of original orchestral and hybrid electro-orchestral tension, suspense, and action music.

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  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.8 - 4.17



From pin-drop breath holds to the all out thunders of war, this pack will cover all your music needs and more!

Included in addition to the 50 original tracks are:
• 36 low level loops
• 48 medium level loops
• 47 high level loops
• 88 stingers
• over 150 sub-mixes for a complete audio solution!

• Professionally mastered audio
• Seamless loops
• Unique themes, realistic and powerful instruments
• Specialized for video games
• Available in MP3 or WAV formats

This is ideal for game intro titles, end titles, hold screens, menu screens, or as background music in a game. Most of the tracks can be seamlessly looped and can be adapted to different style of games. Multiple edits and parts have been included for maximum flexibility. Most tracks will have several edited versions and include their individual track sections as seamless loops. Includes thunderous taiko drums, ripping marcatto strings, blaring brass, and subtle and screaming synths.

Tracks Included:
Battle Excite
Battle Hour Is Here
Battling Defeat
Big Foot Spotting
Building Tension
Circus Geek Slaughter
Cliff Hanger
Dark Excitement
Death March Twinkle
Do Not Go Downstairs
Holding Your Breath
Dragon Slayer
Epic Urgent Battle
Fighting For Life
Focus Into Beauty
Foreign Palpitations
Foreign Species Alert
Fragile Conditions
Game On
Go Now
Heavy Tensions
High Alert
High Electro Tension
Life or Death
Low Electro Tension (1 through 7)
Medium Electro Tension 1
Mind Games
Mystery Hunt
Noble Excitement
Patience and Perseverance
Peyote Haze
Race Against Time
Raw Brute Hero
Relentless Determination
Royal Bombast
Sad and Thoughtful
Starting to Sweat
The Great Unknown
Thick Drops
Ticking Clock
Twisting Underworld
Unsteady Hands
Warehouse Extreme Fight
Warehouse Fight
Warehouse Tensions

Technical Details

Number of Audio tracks: 50
Number of Audio Cues: 384
Sample rate \ bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs, (320KBPS MP3 available upon request)
List of included tracks: (see above)
Does music\audio loop: Yes (each track offers at least 1 looping section)
How many sound FX: 88 stingers are provided
How many minutes of audio provided: 62 minutes+



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