Translucent Pack

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Translucent glass, plastic and curtain package

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Beyond architecture focuses on the utmost highest quality. We strive to push real time architecture to its limits. In this translucent pack we have tackled some fundamental limitations of translucency in UE4. Appropriate glasses come with duplicate versions that contain liquid meshes and material templates. 

Package Features:

  • Full glass decal system that allows general height constrained decals as well as pinpoint decals. 13 decal materials have been included.

  • A defining line function to combat background blending and inner mesh blending.

  • The ability to control the front side opacity of a mesh separate from the back side. This can be very useful for meshes such as cups, and is especially useful on complex translucent objects such as chairs.

  • Simulate blending of a two sided and a single sided material based on height. This is very useful for eliminating the backside of the base of a mesh where geometry should not be seen.

  • The most important part of making liquid look real in a glass is what is called the meniscus. This is the top, thicker part of liquid. We have provided functionality allowing total control over the shape and look of the meniscus.

  • Realistic curtains, controlling the location and general distribution of bright areas vs dark areas using a light mask function.

  • Our material allows you to affect the front of the curtain separately from the back. The camera swaps parameter sets when the camera changes sides of the curtain.

Technical Details

Scene Scale: 1:1 real world scale (First person character is 6’ tall)

Meshes: 104 Unique meshes

Triangle Count:

Most smaller meshes are between 3k - 6k

Some larger meshes are between 15k - 25k

Chandeliers average between 60k - 85k

LODs: No

Number of Textures: 43

Texture Resolution:

19 - 4096x4096

 2 - 4096x2048

19 - 1024x1024

 1 - 1024x512

 2 - 512x256   

Master Materials: 8

Material Functions: 8

Material Instances: 153

Collision: Yes Automatically generated

PBR: Yes

Documentation: No

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Oculus, HTC Vive



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