Basic 2D SFX and Music Pack

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A basic Sound FX and Music pack

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With this Sound FX and Music pack you can start developing your game.

Play around with the repeatable music and their variations.

While this pack was made with retro games in mind, the music could be used for other game genres.

Technical Details


  •  15 Repeatable Songs (55 variations)
  •  150 Sound FX
  •  1 Simple Playback Project
  • Easy to Integrate, Edit and Modify

Number of Audio Waves: 220 files

Number of Audio Cues: 222 sound cues, but only 2 are in use within the project (random sfx and music sound cue)

Sample rate / bit rate: 44.100 sample rate, 148 mono 705 kbps sound files and 72 stereo 1411 kbps sound files

Do Sound FX loop: No

Does Music loop: Yes

Minutes of audio provided: 23:11 min

Supported Development Platforms: Any with .WAV support

Supported Target Build Platforms: Any with .WAV support

Additional Notes: The pack also contains 15 music sound files ("_base" at the end) that are meant for your own editing/modifying/cutting etc.

Important Notes: All of the sound fx and music files were made by me, therefor if you buy this pack, you are free to Use, Edit and Modify each sound file.



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