Audio Volume System

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Drop your audio files and adjust the volume via Widget Blueprint

  • Supported Target Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions


Drop your audio files in the "BP_MasterAudio"

Connect it to an audio class

Change the audio volumes per widget sliders

Everything managed in Blueprints

Automatically saves all in game volume data

3D audio Blueprint for things like a campfire

Add your own audio classes like footsteps

3 video tutorials that shows you how to set up and how to add new audio classes

Technical Details

Technical Details: 4 Blueprints

  • BP_MasterAudio
  • 3D Audio
  • Example Audiowidget
  • AudioConfigSaveObject

3 Videotutorial

  • How to set up everything ( 4:44 min )
  • How to add a new audio class ( Part 1: 7:09 min || Part 2: 8: 02 min)

Input: Mouse

Testet Plattform: PC

Not testet but should work on PS4 & Xbox with no issues.



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