Astraeus: Battles in Space

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Orchestral music from bombastic action to love themes fit for a setting in deep space.

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Gambit Audio presents to you, Astraeus: Battles in Space. Dramatic music perfect for one of those galaxies far away we hear so much about. Included in this package are 10 tracks to fulfill all needs as it ranges from the bombastic propulsion of an action cue, to the mellifluous serenity of a love theme. Handcrafted for use within the Unreal Engine, Astraeus’ tracks are delivered with the capability of being implemented in three different ways, so the user can have the music work in their game just the way they want it to, whether it be a one-shot or a form of looping. Also included are instructions on how to have the tracks crossfade, so that love theme can suddenly go awry as the Evil theme makes its entrance! From sweeping melodies to brooding drones, if you’re looking to instill your game with a touch of traditional, symphonic class, then this may just be the droi- library you’re looking for.

Technical Details

Number of Audio Tracks: 10 Looping and 10 One-shot
Sample Rate \ Bit Depth: 44.1 KHz, 16 bit Stereo WAVs
Does music loop: Yes and No
How many minutes of music provided: 20:08 One-Shot, 19:27 Looping, Total 39:35
Platforms Tested: Mac OS and Windows
Intended Platform: Only Tested on Desktop & Laptop
Documentation Included: Yes



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