Asian Audio Bundle

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Asian Audio Bundle is a complete audio solution for Asian themed video games.

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Extensive sound demos:

- Music

- Ambience

- Mix

From Mahjong to a Kung-Fu fighting arcade, from a fruit-smasher to a bloody ninja revenge, this pack will perfectly boost your Asian game up!!

Asian Audio Bundle is a complete audio solution for Asian themed video games. It contains all kind of loops: instrumental, ambience and pre-mixed, plus a huge list of varied sound FX. This unique special pack will allow you to easily create the perfect sound for your special Asian game!!

Technical Details

Designed for Desktop and Mobile

Content description:
- 9 music loops for different landscapes: action, adventure, sadness, mystery, modern, electro, traditional… some are perfect for gameplay, some for menus, minigames, cinematics, loading screens…Up to you.
- 12 ambience loops for 6 different contexts: night, scary night, modern city, old village, a mountain temple, and forest. They also include their instrumental version, perfect for those levels in which you don’t want to put any music. They combine the FX ambient with some music hints.
- 85 SFX files, suited for all kind of event in your game such as press start buttons, final rounds, treasures, puzzles unlocked, etc.



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