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ARPG template, Single player

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The ARPG template includes a full character level up and saving system, ability templates, and character slots in the menu. It has a full inventory and equip system, enemy AI, loot generators, keybinding, and everything scales with player level.

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Menu system has character slot choosing and loading.

It has a full inventory system with slot switching, and equipping items on drag over or right clicking.

The simple AI was set up to chase the player around and perform simple melee damage.

Blueprint to spawn AI groups instead of placing individual AI.

There is a vendor AI with a random loot table to which you can sell or buy inventory.

Full re-keybind UI in the pause menu.

Auto save on character based events (picking up an item, leveling up, killing an enemy)

Save button included in pause menu if disabling auto save is your thing.

Randomization functions for loot based on Structs, easily changed and adapted.

Technical Details


  •  Blueprint Project
  •  Character slot and save system
  • Character progression with enemy and item scaling
  • Intuitive ARPG control scheme
  • In depth inventory system
  • Randomized loot stats and drops
  • Enemy AI system
  • Vendor with random loot and simple UI.

Easy to modify game elements or transition to a different game play experience without losing all the core features.

Bring in 3D assets and easily integrate them.

Traditional Blueprints: 26

UMG Blueprints: 22

Input: Keyboard/Mouse

Supported Development Platforms: PC

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC





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