Arena for Battles

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A set of modular elements, by means of which you can create arenas for gladiator battles of different shapes

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The package contains high-quality medieval assets. With this package you can quickly create an arena for your game. There is a technical demo and the arenas already assembled for you.

Technical demo

Technical Details


  •  PBR
  •  Modular elements
  •  Textures 4096x4096 and duplicates 2048x2048
  • The cloth is already set up and moving under the gusts of the wind
  • Doors are separated and can be used separately
  • Please note the interior is not present in this asset only the exterior

Texture Sizes:

  •  Textures 4096x4096 and duplicates 2048x2048

Collision: Yes/ automatically generated

Vertex Count: 712 to 3259

LODs: No

Number of Meshes:23

Material Instances:9

Number of Textures: 4096x4096 (30) and duplicates 2048x2048 (30)

Including the following textures: 

-Base Color 

-Normal map

-Occlusion Roughness Metallic 

Supported Development Platforms: PC, Desktop, Xbox one, PS4

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC (Windows)

Documentation: No



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