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A flexible user interface made for Architectural Visualization

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A flexible easy to use interface suitable tool kit for architectural visualization or similar projects. Tick boxes allow to turn on or off features like lighting scenarios, color schemes or individual materials or mesh swaps. Works seamless for either mouse/keyboard control or Xbox controller. All information is stored inside a self-contained blueprint. Two example apartments are provided with a world travel feature to jump between them.

YouTube Feature Video :: Additional Features V1.4 Feb 2019

Download Build (711 MB)

Technical Details

Documentation: Project Features : : Quick start guide

Features (4.21+ Feb 2019):

  • 2nd apartment added with world travel feature to jump between them
  • mesh swaps (if enabled)
  • sequence player (if enabled)
  • alphabetic sorted lists

Features (all versions):

  • multi level floor plans with real time player position and teleport locations
  • static lighting scenarios (day, night, etc) (if enabled)
  • color schemes affecting all interactive materials with one click (if enabled)
  • material swaps for individual objects or object groups (if enabled)
  • choose from a list of interface color schemes or create your own colors
  • swap out icons or project logos easily
  • use your own text font
  • comes with example level including high quality optimized assets and materials
  • example mirrors using planar reflection and render to texture technique
  • use of instance materials and material functions

Props scaled to Epic skeleton: (Yes)

Texture Size: 2048 max

Collision: yes

Vertex Count: optimized geometry mostly around 1000-2000 or less, max 8000

Number of Meshes: 150

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 270

Supported Development Platforms: PC, assets and levels suitable for VR

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC



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