Archviz Furniture - Bedroom Set Vol 1

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The package contains 6 sets of bedroom furniture in high quality for Architectural Visualization and VR

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This is a collection of 6 bedroom sets for architectural visualization and VR. Each set consists of bed, bedisdes,sideboard and wardrobe, plus various props. The collection includes a total of 88 Meshes and 67 Materials. All models have been well crafted and optimized according to game engine specs, yet the assets have been created with high-end Archviz quality in mind. Every model uses hand-made UV Maps for perfect Lightmap bakes.

Technical Details

Watch the video:

Assets Included:

- 6 beds

- 6 wardrobes

- 6 shelving furnitures

- 6 bedsides

- 7 lamps

- 17 pillows

- 1 mirror

- 11 decorative objects

- 3 vases

- 2 candles

- Number of Meshes: 88 (from 418 to 80309)

- Number of Materials: 67

- Number of Material Instances: 63

- Number of Textures: 81

Collision: Yes

LODs: Yes

Intended Platform: Windows

Platforms Tested: Windows

Documentation Included: NO



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