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A simple and easy to use minimap that allows teleportation by clicking on it.

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    4.14 - 4.17



An easy to use and implement minimap that provides the following functionality:
- Displays player position
- Displays teleport points position on the minimao and teleports the player by clicking on them
- Display a list with all teleport points
- Option to zoom the map when hovered

Update 1.0.1 : Added the option for rotation. It is activated from the varialbe called RotatePlayerAfterTeleport found in the radar component. The rotation of the player is the rotation of the teleport point(also I have added an arrow component to the teleport points to show the forward rotation).

Here is a tutorial how to setup the minimap in VR

Technical Details

7 Blueprints
2 Textures

Intended Platform: Windows, Mac, Playstation, Xbox
Platform tested; Windows, Mac
Documentation: Tutorial blueprints



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